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We create highly polished iPhone & Android apps for startups and enterprise clients. At Appstone , we just don't build apps. We build apps that people talk about, and use over and over again.

Mobile application platforms are massively used by more and more mobile-device users worldwide.

More than 50% of your customers are online on their smartphones. In this scenario, going mobile is not an option, rather a must for all businesses. We develop and market mobile apps that will be best for your business.

Some Serious Statistic

  • The total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 – 197 billion
  • The average number of apps people use daily : 9 , monthly : 30
  • The most popular iOS app category, by volume : Games (25%)
  • The most popular Android app category, by penetration : Tools (99.8%)
  • Total number of app publishers : 968k (Google Play), 498k (App Store), 75k (Amazon AppStore)
  • Age 18-24 is the age group that spends the greatest amount of time on mobile apps


During Discovery, Designing and Development phases, our technical team is always there to provide suggestions and edits to improvise the client’s product in the best possible manner.

Agile Development

We follow Agile Development process that helps us to deliver the project with utmost quality and solid product within the given time frame.

Data Backups

Regular backup has helped us to survive in most extreme conditions. We carefully maintain clients project backups so as to deal with any misfortunes in best possible manner.

Excellent Support

We are always there to assist our clients in every possible manner at each project phase. our technical team works hard to ensure that the final product meets clients expectations.

Dedicated Development Team

We have a cost-effective dedicated team for all our projects that not only assures quality but gives excellent support and satisfaction to clients.

Client Centric Development

We are the one who leverages best ever mobile solutions to the client’s inquiries by tailoring them as per their business needs.

How We Work??

  • STEP 1

    Project analysis

    Analysing the idea of the project and conducting research on how to solve it by developing a product on the client’s demand.

  • STEP 2


    Creating prototypes and thinking of customer’s scenarios to solve the task by conducting ux testing and choosing the best solution to do so.

  • STEP 3


    Your app needs to have a professional look and give visitors what they are looking for without much browsing and you can count on us for that.

  • STEP 4


    Developing the final product in accordance with the original requirements of the client and the created design by the team.

  • STEP 5

    Testing and launching

    It’s a soft launch to test the functionality of a product, allowing adjustments to be made before a wider release by taking suggestions and ideas from the client.

  • STEP 6

    Support and maintenance

    Promptly advising on the project and supporting the work, developing additional functionality and making the necessary changes. It mean that we offer you app with strong aesthetic, which allows you to add both services and products further. With no much efforts later.


Our Technological Stack